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January 2017 Annual Holy Land Pilgrimage:

Registration for Pilgrimage is underway! January 11-24, 2017 Pilgrimage with optional extension to Mt. Nebo in Jordan and Petra. Forms and brochure can be found here!

Year of Mercy Pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi, September 26 - October 6, 2016 

Sign-ups are no longer available for this pilgrimage. Please keep us in prayer as we travel! 


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Here is what a recent pilgrim had to say about our annual Holy Land pilgrimage!

 Thank you for a most wonderful, spiritual experience these past 2 weeks. The pilgrimage surpassed any expectations I had. Your teachings, Jeff, were so meaningful at each site. You are able to pull together all the history, the spirituality, the geography of the area, the archeological aspects, etc. so well to make the whole story make sense. You have challenged us to grow spiritually not only with questions to ask ourselves, but ways to ponder those question in our lives, and the wonderful "weapons" we have to tackle them, grow from them, and make necessary changes in our lives so that we may be better disciples of the Lord and spread the Good News to others. Certainly my times in adoration, and daily prayer will be enriched because of this Holy Land experience. ~~ Barb K

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Mary: Ark of the New Covenant!

This Fall I've been teaching the book of Revelation in the Twin Cities. This week I'll be speaking about "the woman" in chapter 12. I  mentioned that many times on my travels to Israel I was inspired by a statue of Mary on top of a church in the ancient city of Kyriat Yearim (Abu Gosh). The statue depicts Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant. The Old Testament Ark was in Kyriat Yearim for twenty years before Israel brought the Ark to Jerusalem.

There are some striking parallels between David bringing the Ark into Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 6:1-19 and St. Luke's account of Mary's visit to Elizabeth in Luke 1:39-56.

In 2 Samuel 6:2, "David arose and went" to Judah.

In Luke 1:39, "Mary arose and went" to the hill country of Judea.

In 2 Samuel 6:9, David cries out: "How can the ark of the Lord come to me?"

In Luke 1:43, Elizabeth asks: "Why is it granted me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?"

In 2 Samuel 6:14-15, David is found leaping and dancing before the ark of the covenant.

In Luke 1:41-44, the baby in Elizabeth's womb is leaping for joy in Mary's presence.

In 2 Samuel 6:11, the ark of the covenant remained at the house of Obededom for three months.

In Luke 1:56, Mary (the new Ark of the Covenant) remained at the home of Elizabeth and Zechariah for three months.

Another interesting comparison between the Old Testament ark and the New Ark (Mary) is that the Old Testament ark contained a bowl of manna, the two tablets of stone (10 Commandments) and Aaron's budding rod (speaking of his authority). In Mary, the new Ark of the Covenant we find Jesus, the living bread from heaven, the Word made flesh and the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's.

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    Jeff & Emily Cavins - Home - Mary: Ark of the New Covenant!
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    Jeff & Emily Cavins - Home - Mary: Ark of the New Covenant!

Reader Comments (6)

Hi Jeff, I really like your new website, this is a good thing.I have been attending your bible study at St. Hubert for the past 3 years and it has truly made a positive change in my life.

The week before last in our Revelation Bible Study we ran out of time before you were able to discuss the 2 witnesses.You mentioned we would go back and cover it the next week but with all the material we needed to cover in the next 2 chapters, this topic was missed. So I was wondering if this website would be the place where you might be able to share your insight on the 2 witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11.Thanks!Denise
October 28, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDenise Carney
I love the new look to your sight. I just wanted to say that your teachings ever since the series "Our Fathers Plan"has truly helped and inspired me. It even encourage me to go further in my CCD Teachings and start my website to try and become a Catholic Speaker.

God Bless you and all your efforts.
October 29, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterTroy Brown
Great job with all you are doing for the Mother Church. My family was received into the Church last easter Vigil, without our seventeen year old daughter. But, she will be recived into the Church this Easter vigil! Great blog concerning Mary.In Ex.40:34-35 we are told that the glory cloud overshadowed (epischiadze in the GK. septuagint), while in Lk 1:35 it is the same GK. word used referring to Mary being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. Moses couldn't enter the dwelling place under such cicumstances and no one could enter mary as well.
November 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterTim Smith
Thank you for the entry. I am reassured time and again by such content that God has always intended Mary to be the ideal disciple. It's amazing how God constantly knows what He's doing. Something that happened many many years before could be done to give affirmation of His plans many many years later. That's seeing THE big picture!
November 28, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterHilary Isaac Hoe
Type your comment here.The mystery of the Visitation is beautifully expressed in an icon showing Mary and Elizabeth at Visitation Church in South Minneapolis. It is behind the altar, and the tabernacle is prominently displayed below it.The tabernacle is shaped like a tent, recalling the Old testament ark. The figures of Mary and Elizabeth show their relationship with the position of their hands and attitude of the body. Mary wears her heavenly blue color and Elizabeth the color of the earth. The words they spoke to each other are also written on side panels. I have been meditating on it for several years and it has given me much insight into this mystery and the role of Mary in my life and in the Church.God Bless you and your ministry.Terese
November 30, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterTerese Shearer
Jeff I feel very blessed to be able to take your timeline series with you as teacher. Your insite and teaching skills are inspiring, humbling and at times hilarious. Thank you for reaching out to so many of us, helping us to understand how to become better servants of our LORD. Jodi
December 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJodi

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