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Our Father's Plan

This 13-part series aired on EWTN by Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins traces salvation history. This is a great follow up to The Great Adventure video series.

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I hope this note finds its way to Jeff Cavins or some one who may have an out line for each study night.
Jeff my wife and I you also met abut 100 others as you gave an over view of the Bible Time Line at Resurrection Church in Riverview Fl several years ago. You challenged every one to start a Bible study and my wife and I did. We used your Bible Time, about 10 of what became our best friends went on our first study together. We took about 12 months because we all have things we need to do in our church during Christmas and Easter but we had a blast. One week we did the questions and the next week we listened to the CD. Our same Monday night group is now doing your ACTs study and we like it even more because we now understand the Bible better.

This is my problem and it may be that you or some one can help.

I have said yes to leading a Thursday night group in the church St Stephens in Valrico Fl every week 7- 10 pm. We are using OUR FATHERS PLAN as our study text. We plan to have some one from this group lead the next study. Our study is well attended 15 or more people and I am following the Facilitators Guide. I am not a pro Bible leader so I loved just doing what it said in the Guide. However it has been suggested and I have said yes again to try to step up the facilitation. A co work in the church who is also in the study, (he is my co facilitator) asked me if I could draft an out line of what we were going to cover for the people that missed a night as well as so the people would not miss the important threads you Scott and Jeff cover each study. We are following the format in the guide but a printed out line would better link our study with the DVD that you both have done such a great job with. Has any one ever worked up an out line night by night? I am a bit challenged with this task. This out line was not needed in the Bible Time Line or Acts and I understand why, this study seemed to be developed most likely out of demand from the success of the EWTN exposure. Can any one help a bit over worked church Lay volunteer.
Rex Garrison Riverview Fl

October 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScott Hahn & Jeff Cavins

I belong to a small Scripture study group that is using "Our Father's Plan", we are having a terrible time coordinating the lesson with the DVDs. The book refers to tapes, we downloaded an addedum from Ignatius press site as noted in the workbooks, but it only deals with 3 discs and our set has 7. Each week we struggle to get the correct video segment, is there any aid we can get? We do love the study and feel the presentations by you and Dr Hahn add so much depth.
Saw you were just in Ft Smith AR, wish we had known, we're less than an hour away! We are members of St Stephen Catholic Church in Bentonville AR
Thanks for any help/suggestions.
Ada Cleveland

October 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAda Cleveland

Hello Ada--I am sorry that you are having difficulty with this product. Since its publication several years ago, we no longer are part of its production and did not know the workbook was so difficult. We are now focused on producing Bible TImeline materials through Ascension Press in either the "A Quick Journey through the Bible" or "The Bible TImeline: The Story of Salvation." Both of these products are very up-to-date and usable. Please visit www.ascensionpress.com for more information.

October 31, 2011 | Registered CommenterJeff Cavins

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